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The best neighborhoods in Birmingham, Alabama

Own a proposed new construction home in Highland Park, one of the best neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL. See property details here. Birmingham, Alabama, is an exciting city that offers a wide range of living options. Whether you’re look...

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The Birmingham Alabama Real Estate Market in 2022

The Birmingham, AL real estate market had an incredibly notable year in 2022. Birmingham not only saw incredible appreciation in house prices but also some astonishing buying and selling patterns. Here, we’ll review the Birmingham real estate...

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The best places to visit in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is not called the “Magic City” for nothing. While most know it as one of the country’s major industrial centers, the city is home to a bevy of attractions that are exciting in many ways. We listed down the best places to vi...

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Best things to do

Best things to do in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham’s title as "The Magic City” comes from the astonishing growth of its population and steel industry after the American Civil War. Today, the magic of the city is attributed to many other reasons. Its location in the north ...

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